• We believe the strongest of human motivations should be that of being happy.

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  • It is happiness that needs to be what drives the precious little time we have on this planet.

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  • From neuroscience to positive psychology, and from philosophy to political science,

    happiness is fast becoming the currency of contemporary life.

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  • We believe the strongest of human motivations should be that of being happy.

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  • It is happiness that needs to be what drives the precious little time we have on this planet.

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  • We believe the strongest of human motivations should be that of being happy.

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  • From neuroscience to positive psychology, and from philosophy to political science,

    happiness is fast becoming the currency of contemporary life.

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TEDxLimassol 2018


What should be the most fundamental motivation in our lives? Power? Greed? Possibly money? How about health?

In our opinion it is none of the above. We believe the strongest of human motivations should be that of being happy. It is happiness that needs to be what drives the precious little time we have on this planet. As a unit of analysis happiness spans cross numerous disciplines. From neuroscience to positive psychology, and from philosophy to political science, happiness is fast becoming the currency of contemporary life.

Still, there is a concerning reality that needs to be addressed in more detail – as our overall standard of living improves, levels of happiness remain relatively constant demonstrating that regardless of geography, gender, age and economic class, happiness is a mystery to many.

On November 10th TEDxLimassol will bring to its stage nine speakers and three performers who will share their stories around the concept of happiness. By doing so TEDxLimassol hopes to play its part in solving the happiness puzzle.

The Happy Theme meets three of the most essential TEDTalk objectives:

- To democratize knowledge and science

- To stimulate and arouse audiences around the world

- To spark deep discussion and connection


New World Order(s)

TEDxLimassol 2018, 10/11/2018

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Meet The Team

  • Lydia Zannettou , TEDxLimassol Curator

    Lydia Zannettou helped establish V+O Cyprus in 2011 as the first exclusively corporate / strategic communications consultancy in Cyprus. V+O Cyprus is part of the V+O Group, the largest independent communication and public affairs consultancy in South Eastern Europe. She is a media relations specialist with deep knowledge of the Cypriot press community both offline and online and supervises all media relations activities of V+O Cyprus. A Cyprus native, Lydia plays a leading role in creating and strengthening youth entrepreneurship / technology / and the startup ecosystem on the island as the curator of TEDxLimassol, Startup Weekend Cyprus, StartUpLive Cyprus and Open Coffee Cyprus.

  • Stelios Ktoras , Music Experience

    Jimmy d is a radio producer on Deejay 93.5. He is also the playlist manager of the station. He’s got his own daily show since 2002 playing a variety of different music genres from pop – rock to electronica electroswing and from Cumbia to urban beats. He has played in various gygs and bars through out the years and recently he opened for Imam Baildi and Cayetano in Larnaca and Nicosia respectively. Catch him on his show from Monday to Friday at 15:00.

  • Avyie Savvidou, Speakers Coach

    Avyie Savvidou is an executive coach, management consultant, seminar leader and motivational speaker. She is also the founder of the companies APriori Business Consultant ltd and Curious Hobbies. She works closely with corporate executives and entrepreneurs on issues at hand, such as adapting to change, achieving results, empowerment, motivation, decision-making, career advancement and much more. A vivid motivational speaker, Avyie delivers speeches on a variety of topics in conferences, corporate events and ceremonies. She has been a speakers’ coach at TEDxLimassol and TEDxUniversityofNicosia since 2014.

  • Nicholas Nicoli, Coordinator

    Nicholas Nicoli is an Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Nicosia. He researches strategic communication from a socio-technological perspective focusing mainly on how strategic communication can enrich contemporary society. His initial research sought to deconstruct organisational communication management and creativity within public service broadcasters such as the BBC. Thereafter he focused his attention toward the impact of digital transformations upon strategic communication. His current research is concerned primarily with the role of strategic communication in combating disinformation.

  • Nearchos Christofides, Photography

    Nearchos is a Mechanical Engineer. He focuses in the fields of data acquisition, building management systems, fire safety and fire suppression, fleet telematics and sustainability. He has been one of the first to promote paperless filing and renewables in his organization. He is fond of high-end technology and usually calls himself a tech freak. Apart from Engineering he loves non-mainstream music and photography. He served as the main photographer in TEDxLimassol and TEDxUniversityofNicosia in 2014 and 2015. Selections of his personal work are posted in 500px professional community (www.500px.com).

  • Nick Malekos, Volunteer Coordinator

    Nick is a SaaS Growth Marketer, specialized in the Elearning Industry. Through his job, he has been working with entrepreneurs and company executives around the world, helping them achieve their e-learning goals. He is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, as well as improving the world around, thus, volunteering for a number of social causes, startup events (OpenCoffee, Startup Weekend, Startup Live) and TEDxLimassol and TEDxUniversityofNicosia. In his free time, he enjoys learning to dance and cook.

  • Poppy Aristidou, Identity

    Poppy Aristidou is a lecturer in the Department of Design & Multimedia, at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus (2003-present day). Taught courses in storyboarding, 2d animation, interaction/social media design and special effects. Her main interests/specializations and research areas include interaction design, visual storytelling, 2d animation, animation techniques, motion graphics, and virtual reality(VR) environments. Aside from her teaching/academic responsibilities, she has been involved in various exhibitions, research collaborations in human computer interaction and virtual reality- motion tracking in VR, taught applied multimedia workshops in various education sectors, art directed projects, start-up mentoring, core member in organizing international conferences; TEDxUniversityof Nicosia based in Cyprus, participated in a Comic Convention in Malta representing Cyprus, and mostly contributing to society creating promotional graphic work for various awareness campaigns, such as Run In Colour supporting children with cancer. Poppy has experience in corporate identity/branding creating promotional creative print/digital material. As well as interaction design, user experience, and motion graphics in multimedia based environments.

  • Yiorgos Angelopoulos, Host

    Born in Cardiff in 1976. He studied Physics at Patras University and Acting in Athens. He has been working as a professional writer, director, theatre trainer and actor in Greece, Britain and France, since 2002. As member of AbOvo Theatre Group and Komiko Boom Improv Comedy Group, he co-created and participated in several various theatre performances and comedy shows. He has also participated in television shows of Greek TV both as a leading actor and creator/writer and he has been featured in a number of TV and internet ads in Greece and Cyprus. He is the founder of ACT, a small theatre in Patras. He is currently working as an actor in theatre and as a soft skills trainer and capacity building training consultant with Theta Communications and as the Creative Director of SciCo.

TEDxLimassol 2018 Speakers

Micaela Birmingham
TITLE OF TALK: Motherhood: The Most Perfect Mess on Earth
Micaela Birmingham is a creative producer with projects spanning public service sports and branded content for digital and television. Micaela won an Emmy Award as executive producer of a public service announcement for the 9/11 rebuilding initiative Imagine New York. She created the branded content studio at Some Spider Inc., home to SCARRY MOMMY the largest digital parenting platform reaching over80 million users each month. Her team uses comedic storytelling to engage millions of fans for brands including Disney, LEGO, Chrysler, ABC and Netflix. Micaela has training in improv comedy from the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Peoples Improv Theatre. Her work has been featured in media outlets across North America including the New York Times, CNN and MSNBC. She has been an adjunct professor at Columbia University and is a world-ranked triathlete.
Eudokia Demetriou
TITLE OF TALK: Saving myself by helping others
Eudokia is a trained architect having graduated from The University of Nicosia. Throughout her studies she went from being externally motivated by success and money to more intrinsic motivations following some time spent in Athens. She quickly realized following her graduation that there is plenty of pain and suffering in the world and that through her training as an architect, she can offer more, especially to the homeless. Her awakening began the day she realized that all of us are responsible for these social problems and all of us should do something about it. So that is what she did. After her initiative to help out homeless people in Athens with small no-cost structures everything else unfolded in front of her. She met people who had the same vision of making this world a better place, which made this movement more real and more possible. Since then she has traveled to South Africa to help homeless people build non-cost structures and helped build a classroom in Ghana with 40 other volunteers - an experience that verified to her even more so that the secret to being happy is in giving back and helping others.
Alexia Barrable
TITLE OF TALK: The 100 days that changed my life (and how they can change yours too).
Alexia Barrable grew up in Greece and the UK. She completed her first degree at the University of Oxford, and her postgraduate training at Cambridge and York. She had fun working with young children as a teacher for ten years, before embarking on an academic career. She is now a lecturer at the University of Dundee, where she conducts research on nature connection in childhood. She has co-written two books, Growing Up Happy, on ways that we can enhance our children’s happiness and wellbeing, and Growing Up Wild, on nurturing our children’s connection with nature. When not working she loves walking on the beach with her family. In her talk she will ask, Can a challenge change your life? Make you happier, more connected? In this talk, she explores how a 100-day challenge changed her, and her family’s life for the better.
Isabella Clegg
TITLE OF TALK: Animals can teach us how to be happier: by being 'adaptable optimists'
Isabella Clegg is an animal welfare scientist who specialises in understanding dolphins and their emotions. She pioneered research into dolphin welfare, discovering that we can test whether they are optimists or pessimists, and that they bond with familiar humans. She has degrees in animal behaviour, welfare and marine biology, and has years of experience with captive and wild animals. She has written dozens of publications, reports and book chapters which have been covered by the BBC, New Scientist and others. Isabella founded Animal Welfare Expertise, an animal behaviour and welfare consultancy for zoos, farms, NGOs and conservation projects. In her talk, Isabella uses findings from a new field called animal welfare science to show how animals adapt their optimism to achieve long-term "happiness". Can studying what makes animals happy help us understand human happiness too?
Rasmus Schiellerup
Casper, Rasmus and Kasper are education consultants dedicated to enriching and promoting Scandinavia's educational success with schools, teachers, parents and education systems around the world.At TEDxLimassol they will share the stage to present the Nordic School Teaching Approach.

For 15 years Rasmus Schiellerup has been working as a school leader but also as a self-employed educator. He graduated as a teacher in 2001 and has worked in both public and private schools. Today Rasmus is the leader of his own speaker agency consisting of 15 top keynote speakers. He travels the world as a speaker and educational consultant in both schools and companies. Rasmus is renowned for his mixture of storytelling and scientific facts and he is known as a spellbinding performer. He is married to a schoolteacher, Susanne, and they live with their 2 children outside Copenhagen.
Costas Krinos
TITLE OF TALK: Is this suppose to be funny? LOL (talk will be in Greek)
Costas Krinos Costas was born and grew up because he had no other choice and began creating memes because he can’t draw. He studied destruction of interior design, cheddar mashing, pick and roll and agonizing expressions. He has three masters but no degree. He wishes peace on earth and less censorship. He believes that poetry is for whomever cannot rap and that we are all human and we therefore all make mistakes.
Thomas Xenopoulos Peccini
TITLE OF TALK: Setting the Table... for Happiness
Thomas Xenopoulos Peccini is an interlocutor of the language of food and how this has the power to connect family, friends and total strangers. Hailing from different cultural backgrounds, he grew up on the South Coast of Massachusetts and spent a life-changing year in the Italian Alps before starting his studies in Italian Literature. After completing his B.A. and M.A. at Rutgers, he attended Columbia University Teachers College before returning to his alma mater for doctoral studies, with a focus on Italian Cinema. Thomas and his wife, shortly after the birth of their first child and having passed their qualifying exams for their Ph.D., moved to Cyprus where they were integral in establishing the Italian language program in the public school system and contributing to research projects involving the Venetian dimension of the history of Cyprus during the Renaissance.

Today he spends his time happily raising the couple’s four boys between their inland concept home Cerines and coastal Limassol, where the boys sail competitively. Thomas brought his passion for food to create the Cerines Supper Club—a unique food experience for Cyprus—through which he and his wife have hosted over 85 events since 2014. Now in its fifth season, they bring together like-minded strangers of different ages and backgrounds to connect over food, drawing on their extensive knowledge of traditional techniques common to all Mediterranean cuisines. In order to promote the bounty of Cyprus, they source local, seasonal and organic foods of Cyprus in order to create the dishes that have been served to over 1,400 participants since its founding.

In his talk, “Setting the Table... for Happiness”, Thomas shares the story of his multi-cultural background and how this led to his present-day experience of bringing others together at the table. This is the story of a cultural traveler who—having lived in all three countries speaking its three languages—describes the one place where he always feels at home speaking a universal language wherever he finds himself. He invites you to pull up a chair and take a seat where you, too, can find a connection to yourself, with others and... to happiness.
Casper Rongsted
Casper, Rasmus and Kasper are education consultants dedicated to enriching and promoting Scandinavia's educational success with schools, teachers, parents and education systems around the world.At TEDxLimassol they will share the stage to present the Nordic School Teaching Approach.

For more than 25 years Casper Rongsted has been working in education, learning and motivation. The last 10 years he has worked in his own company as an educational consultant, keynote speaker and writer of books and articles. He graduated as a teacher in 1994. Casper works with teachers, educators, trainers and leaders in both private and public schools and in companies all over the world. Casper brings theory and practice together in the search for even better methods to help people create learning for all. He is married to Mette (the daughter of 2 teachers) and lives with their 3 children in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Kasper Myding
Casper, Rasmus and Kasper are education consultants dedicated to enriching and promoting Scandinavia's educational success with schools, teachers, parents and education systems around the world.At TEDxLimassol they will share the stage to present the Nordic School Teaching Approach.

Kasper Myding is an expert of learning and pedagogical change. He works as a keynote speaker and educational consultant developing teaching methods and mindsets towards teaching. As a former secondary school teacher and vice principal Kasper is particularly focused on creating a meaningful link between science and everyday practice.
Petros Dokos
TITLE OF TALK: Is this suppose to be funny? LOL (talk will be in Greek)
Petros Dokos was born but never grew up because he found a different choice, to pick answers for his childhood curiosity, from other talents. He studied science from a theoretical field of interest and, via technology, he found himself doing things that were irrelevant to his fantasy’s livelihood. To some people all these may sound poetic and he is in agreement; he is literally searching for the proof to realism. He is loud in actions and silent in words. Something like this…. He finds people less selfish, wishing it’s true but, in fact, it’s not. He believes that if there are more people living because of the madness they carry upon them, more of them will live enjoying their freedom.

TEDxLimassol 2018 Performers

Mr. Pacman & Friends
Mr. Pakman & Friends is a collective project initiated by beat-maker Christos Georgiou (also known as Mr.Pakman), uniting with George Kleanthous (keyboards), Alexander Galatis (guitar), Charalambos Kleanthous (scratching), Yiannis Koutis (oud) and Eleonora La Luna (vocals). When combining each of their craft, unconventional beats and sounds are created, with hints of hip-hop beats, cumbia rhythms, Middle-Eastern influences and more. As a result of this project two original tracks were created, "La Libertad' and "Get up and Move", and one yet unreleased track.
Andre Christou
Surrounded by the seas of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Andre Chris emerges as one of the most promising artists in the Urban/Pop music scene. Performing and recording with many indie and major acts, the unique blend of his many musical influences are bound to captivate. Andre Chris has collaborated with many talented artists and musicians and he is in the process of recording his next upcoming album and single.
Loucas Agrotis
Loucas Agrotis was born in Limassol in 1976. From an early age he become interested in visual arts and by his teenager years his passion for drawing became evident. Following a short stint at Theatre School in Athens he starts becoming more involved in artists’ workshops whereby he becomes an apprentice to artist and sculptor Pambos Michlis. With Michlis, Loucas becomes more involved in sculpting and ceramics; it is during this period that Loucas becomes more knowledgeable about the anatomy of the human body. He then joins The Cyprus College of Arts in collaboration with Bristol University of England. Here he works with Andros Eustathiou and Grahame Parry. With these two artists Loucas familiarizes himself with realism and the history of art. In 2008 Loucas became more involved with live speed painting. Accompanied by music, Loucas draws on large canvases in front of live audiences. He speed paints portraits, landscapes, buildings, logos and typefaces among other things. As a speed painter Loucas won second place at Greece Got Talent, 2010. Today Loucas’ work revolves around the creation of street art and stage designs at school performances as well as other events. He also sculptures and paints and has presented two individual exhibitions and taken part in many other group showings. Loucas lives and works in Cyprus and has his studio in Old Town Limassol.
Tjorm Palmer
Dancer and Acrobat
Somewhere in Germany, on the 21st of January 1993 Tjorm Palmer was born. As a child Tjorm was a very active and optimistic human being. At the age of 14 he moved to Berlin to study as a professional performer. In 2013 he graduated from the State Acrobatic School, Berlin. Tjorm has spent the past 9 years collecting knowledge and experience in the fields of acrobatics, dance, performance and the meaning of art and culture in our society. By making his body-mind connection stronger he strives to push his own limits. But how far?

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